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Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Getting succession right is essential as companies look to their future – whether six months down the road or five years away. From the very top of the organization to the manager level feeding into the executive ranks, succession planning provides the road map for lining up the talent required to successfully develop and execute corporate strategy.

Having led companies around the world through some of the most delicate and complex succession events in their corporate histories, TMG has developed highly refined insights and processes for leaders to plan succession in their organizations. We help companies approach the succession process not as isolated, one-off candidate selections, but as a highly strategic, multi-person event that has ramifications on every leadership role in the organization.

Succession is only increasing in importance as an element of risk management, at both the CEO level and across the organization. TMG understands the growing expectations of shareholders, board observers, and regulators as they look toward your CEO succession processes, and also knows that having the right “bench” of leaders throughout the business is essential to survival beyond the next quarter. As your partner in this key element of your overall talent development program, we apply a rigor to succession planning that is linked directly to your organization’s strategic priorities and culture.

    We work with organizations on succession issues around:
  • CEO
  • Top team
  • President/COO – second-in-command roles