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Leadership Accelerator

TMG Leadership Accelerator

In order to accelerate the development of leadership and management skills within a company, TMG offers the Leadership Accelerator Video Library– a powerful learning and development tool for leaders at each level of the organization. The Leadership Accelerator is designed for maximum engagement and a consistent, lasting impact for your company – providing ongoing value in the form of continual leadership growth.

The Leadership Accelerator is an extensive, interactive video library that offers our team’s expertise across the most important leadership topics. These videos – which are available on-demand for individuals to access at their own convenience, can be deployed in custom “playlists” by leaders or the organization to advance specific cultural or leadership agendas or organized by custom categories that line up to your organizations leadership priorities – are valuable for individual executives seeking coaching for their own development as well as organizations with specific learning and development agendas or needs. Having this on-demand resource also allows an organization to scale its coaching capabilities to meet cost and time constraints, especially when working with a large number of employees.

The videos included within this tool encompass the core tenets of TMG’s one-on-one coaching content and are consistently updated to deliver maximum value for your investment in leadership development. Using this database, your employees can have instant access to discussions on the specific topics and challenges that they or the organization are seeking to improve right now.