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Establishing a culture of continual learning and growth is a key facet of developing the talent you need to take your company forward. This requires a true understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the talent in your organization – and how these impact your strategic goals. We see, however, that many companies struggle with how to best assess and develop their executives, using off-the-shelf assessment programs and coaching tools that do not address the actual mission and goals of the company.

With TMG Grow, lloop, and the Leadership Accelerator, we have developed a powerful series of development and learning tools that are customized to your particular business needs. These programs – used in conjunction or on their own – provide solutions that are scalable and can serve emerging leaders at every level of your organization.

Using TMG Grow, lloop, or the Leadership Accelerator, companies can (1) assess skills gaps and opportunities, (2) capture and deliver performance feedback, (3) offer specific and measurable steps for action for individual executives, and (4) institute an ongoing and effective plan for talent development that lifts the entire organization to greater performance.