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Based on our extensive experience working with high-performing senior-level talent, we have built a robust library of proprietary coaching content that offers frameworks and advice for practical application of executive best practices. This content is housed within our “Leadership Accelerator” content delivery tool. Leadership Accelerator is an extensive, interactive library that offers TMG’s expertise across the most important leadership topics. The library contains over 250 proprietary coaching notes and over 250 production-quality videos of 3-5 minutes in length covering topics such as “Leading Leaders” and “Developing A Strategic Narrative.” They are available on-demand for our clients to access at their own convenience but can also be powerfully paired with a TMG individual or group coaching engagement.

Leading a Diverse and Inclusive Team
Elizabeth Kelly discusses the importance of effectively leading a diverse and inclusive team.
Crisis Leadership
Christina Woodard discusses the necessary steps to lead through a crisis, as well as the mistakes to avoid during a crisis.
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