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Lift the performance of your entire organization

TMG services leverage the research, experience, and content drawn from our working deep within organizations advising managers, senior leadership, and C-suite officers. This enables us to offer a framework and vernacular that is applicable at virtually every level of your organization, within the context of your company. We deliver digestible and insightful results that are compelling for leaders, their managers, and HR partners, and can be put to use immediately.

The complete suite of TMG talent development solutions covers everyone from the CEO through the next generation of leaders for your organization. We offer in-depth talent assessments, scalable educational opportunities, high-touch executive coaching, succession planning, and board optimization – services that have proved invaluable to companies across industries, geographies, and life cycles.


TMG coaching engagements are highly personalized and tap into our decades of experience working with the highest-performing executives in the world. We’ve coached across all ranges of personality types and leadership styles, helping our clients become better versions of themselves and creating specific action plans.

1:1 Coaching

TMG typically begins a coaching engagement with an assessment, helping us better understand the executive within the context of the business or function. We then engage on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis with the executive. We give direct feedback and bring an enormous library of digestible, practical information to bear on the issues at hand. Our high-touch coaching makes us a “safe place” to discuss real-life situations and the effects of the executive’s approach or style. Although coaching always involves a certain level of reflection, we add value by injecting curated coaching content into each relationship, understanding the context of the business and culture in which the executive functions, and helping him or her better solve the challenges ahead.

Our focus on the individual in the context of the entire business makes a huge difference. What will it take for this person to be effective in this role, in this team, in this company, in this industry, and at this time/place? And how can they continue to grow and add value in the future? Those are the questions we help answer. We help leaders think about problems in new ways, allowing them to unlock their full potential to maximize their impact on the organization, their teams, and key external stakeholders.

Group Coaching

We help teams drive alignment and reach their true potential by facilitating interactive group coaching sessions around critical topics and themes.
We gather context around the team’s key objectives and current gaps and create custom group coaching sessions to help teams achieve unprecedented performance.

While we tailor every session and program to the team and situation at hand, some examples of popular themes include team alignment, aligning around a new leader, driving a growth mindset, building diverse and inclusive teams, etc.


TMG assessments address two critical needs: improving performance and providing an accurate picture of your talent bench’s strengths, weaknesses, and capacity for growth. While driving individuals toward peak performance, our process also offers key stakeholders insight into their executives’ respective strengths, development opportunities, and longer-term potential – all within the context of what matters to the company.

We have spent years customizing our approach to talent assessments. We have worked with senior business and functional leaders throughout the world in almost every industry. We know how to get the real story on leaders.

Our assessments typically begin with a deep-dive interview with the executive, bringing context to the process. We collect a roster of people who know the executive best, and reach out with high-touch, qualitative reference calls. The reference calls are designed to go beyond platitudes -- we elicit specific, meaningful feedback, which we compile and turn into insights and action items. We ground our conversations and observations in the underlying business or functional needs of the organization, making sure the observations are relevant and helpful in creating long-term, sustainable value for the company. The work product is brief, personal, and digestible, and it contains action items related to the development opportunities. We typically review our findings with internal stakeholders prior to our feedback session with the executive – we want to ensure alignment.

Our robust feedback sessions with the executives are where we walk them through their key strengths and development opportunities, and provide an opportunity for in-depth coaching. These sessions are then followed up with a written Coaching Plan and is supplemented by TMG’s “best practice” coaching content, curated to each individual executive. Depending on the engagement, assessments are often used to establish the framework for coaching relationships.


Succession is an event that has an enduring effect on your organization, good or bad, for years to come. It is an essential part of risk management – with growing demands from shareholders, board observers, and regulators – but it is also the fundamental basis for developing high-performing leaders who will shape your company’s future. For boards, getting succession right is their most important responsibility.

Having led companies around the world through some of the most delicate and complex succession events in their corporate histories, TMG has developed highly refined insights and processes for leaders to plan succession in their organizations. We help companies approach the succession process not as isolated, one-off candidate selections, but as a highly strategic, multi-person event that has ramifications on every leadership role in the organization.

TMG is not affiliated with any search firm; we help you set up the best process for finding the best talent, period. Whether working with organizations to create a long-term development plan for potential internal candidates or closely advising boards during a more immediate succession crisis, we manage key stakeholders – including the candidates themselves – before and after the succession event.

Board Optimization

Best-in-class governance demands an investment in board effectiveness. Amid hyper-competition and heightened scrutiny from regulators, shareholders, and the media, best practice calls for the board to monitor itself through an independent evaluation, giving both external and internal stakeholders a confidence in the successful governance of the company.

TMG helps boards evaluate their performance, including how they work with management, and creates a developmental path for optimizing their value to the company. Our methodology is grounded in years of advisory work with chairmen, lead directors, board members, and board committees to leverage greater performance from both individual directors and from the board as a whole. By helping companies develop and retain the right talent in directors, TMG creates a high-impact board that is even greater than the sum of its parts.

A detailed report of our findings is developed and summarized during a presentation to the board, along with an opportunity for Q&A. The report will contain feedback on the overall board’s effectiveness, highlighting where the board is performing at optimal levels, as well as recommendations for areas of improvement and overall coaching for the Board.

Each director is provided with detailed feedback on their individual effectiveness. This will include strengths as well as areas they can personally focus on to be more effective with either the board or management (or both). This feedback session will be followed up with a written development plan that details the action items given for their consideration.


TMG onboarding support sets executives up for success in new roles. We create custom onboarding plans to ensure smooth transitions and help executives begin executing as soon as they start. Whether your executives are new to the company or simply changing internal roles, we develop and deliver actionable coaching support to effectively transition.

Even the highest performing executives face difficulties when transitioning / onboarding into new organizations, and even new roles at their same companies. For many years, we have partnered with our clients to facilitate best-in-class onboarding programs by coaching executives in transition and developing highly customized onboarding plans for them.

Our onboarding engagements typically consist of monthly coaching sessions bolstered by on-demand calls and delivery of relevant, proprietary TMG coaching content in between each session. We often work with the executive’s key stakeholders to understand what the key priorities are for them in the new role and develop a highly actionable onboarding plan that sets them up for success. We also recommend conducting an optional 360 several months into the executive’s onboarding / transition to gain perspective around their strengths and opportunities after they have had an opportunity to get more firsthand experience with / context around the business, the top priorities for their team, key internal and external stakeholders, etc.

M & A

TMG helps companies or financial sponsors going through M&A processes to build and develop best-in-class teams. We offer a variety of assessment, coaching, and advisory solutions tailored to M&A situations to help our clients optimize their investments by effectively deploying talent. We understand the unique dynamics posed by M&A situations and work closely with key stakeholders to ensure that the right talent is selected and retained for the organization to achieve its goals.

Corporate acquisitions: We help companies going through M&A processes to build and develop best-in-class teams. We offer a variety of assessment, coaching, and advisory solutions to help our clients optimize investments by effectively deploying talent. We enable companies to realize talent synergies through our scaled assessment offering. We add value through our scaled assessments services for M&A by being grounded in a deep understanding of the go-forward needs of the joint company and by engaging and aligning key stakeholders each step of the way.

Financial sponsors: We have extensive, hands-on experience advising public and private high-performance organizations through their most important talent challenges, and we offer pragmatic and action-oriented advice, with proven ability to benchmark talent and coach for results. We recognize that every organization and investment approach is different and applying one prescriptive framework to assess talent is unlikely to yield relevant recommendations. TMG works to deeply understand the investment thesis in order to assess and coach against the stated objectives of the sponsor.

Team Effectiveness

Even teams composed of superstars can struggle with alignment, communication, trust, and innovation in ways that prevent them from reaching their full potential. TMG brings a wealth of experience advising some of the most successful leadership teams in the world around identifying and managing their challenges to achieve unprecedented performance.

We assess and diagnose team strengths and weaknesses and create custom workshops to help teams achieve unprecedented performance. While we tailor every session to the team and situation at hand, some examples of popular themes include team alignment, aligning around a new leader, driving a growth mindset, building diverse and inclusive teams, etc. Regardless of the topic, each offsite session enhances: trust amongst the team, communication effectiveness, horizontal leadership skills and alignment around key topics.