Leadership Accelerator

Leadership Accelerator

The Leadership Accelerator is TMG’s flexible micro-learning platform designed to deliver maximum impact on leaders through consistent, efficient, cost-effective learning programs that can target individuals, groups or entire organizations. Fueled by TMG’s extensive content library of short, highly-actionable videos, which has been developed from and is continually enhanced by TMG’s work with leaders at some of the best companies in the world, the Leadership Accelerator allows for the development and deployment of custom programs to address almost any leadership challenge. And because the programs and content are available on-demand, it allows organizations to make practical leadership development an on-going and integral part of their Company, enhancing employee experience and increasing engagement while at the same time ensuring that their talent has the skills they need to drive the future.

Socratic Leadership
Stephen Miles discusses the benefit of consistently asking five questions to gain context and understand issues as they arise.
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