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SEASON 02 | EPISODE 04 | JUNE 2022
Getting Your Mojo Back

“This is what happens when you put everybody in solitary confinement for an extended period of time,” says Stephen Miles, Founder and CEO of The Miles Group. “Covid quarantines have led to all kinds of strains on individuals’ energy” adds Taylor Griffin, COO of The Miles Group. “We have a lot of senior executives coming to us and asking how they deal with this for themselves, as well as for their broader teams and employee base. Employees have high expectations of their leadership teams that they are really going to learn something through Covid, and that the future office is going to look different from before. Many people really enjoyed the flexibility of working from home.” Miles and Griffin discuss the high expectations employees have of their leaders, and offer insights, tips and tools on how the future office can look different, and work better, than it did before Covid. Part of getting your mojo back is building relationships, learning lessons, and reestablishing your comfort zone with getting to work,” they say.

In this episode
Stephen Miles
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Coach to top CEOs, boards, and C-suite executives around the world, Stephen Miles is the founder and CEO of The Miles Group (TMG). His 20+ years of working closely with some of the highest performing executives, leadership teams, and boards of directors in the global Fortune 500 has put him at the center of some of the most critical leadership challenges and decisions companies are facing today.

Speaking frequently to organizations on strategies for coaching C-level executives and developing high-potential talent, Stephen has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and Chief Executive. He is co-author of Your Career Game: How Game Theory Can Help You Achieve Your Professional Goals; he collaborates frequently with the Stanford Graduate School of Business on research around CEOs and boards, including a recent exploration of the costs and benefits of CEO activism. Stephen and his CEO advisory services were profiled in the Bloomberg Businessweek article “The Rising Star of CEO Consulting.”

Taylor Griffin
Chief Operating Officer

Coaching C-suite executives and board directors for top performance and talent optimization across the organization, Taylor Griffin works across a broad range of company size and stage – from the largest Fortune 50 global corporations to private-equity portfolio companies and emergent VC-backed firms. Taylor works with these leaders to continuously attain higher levels of performance, grow successfully into new roles or new organizations, and build their “viability” as succession candidates for the C-suite or the CEO role itself. With deep experience working with management and boards on “people” issues and succession projects, Taylor has contributed multiple pieces of research and articles such as When High Performers Behave Badly, published in C-Suite and co-authored with her colleague Courtney Hamilton, and How Boards Should Evaluate Their Own Performance, published in Harvard Business Review and co-authored with Stanford Graduate School of Business professor David Larcker, researcher Brian Tayan, and her colleague Stephen Miles. Prior to helping found TMG, she was with Heidrick & Struggles’ Leadership Consulting Practice.